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ClaimsCenter offers automatically generated worklists, claim to track, and centralized billing. Easily identify problems with ClaimInspector, which automatically deletes claims for potential errors.

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AdvancedMD Features

AdvancedMD provides an enormous amount of features, below are a few. Check it out!!

Scheduling: Medical scheduling tools allow users to quickly view appointments and patient information by hovering over the calendar. Additionally, patient visits can be tracked and recurring appointments can be set, while automatic reminders are sent to patients to reduce absences.

Billing: In addition to collecting payments from patients, you can automatically verify insurance eligibility and provide users with all necessary medical billing information in one central location.

Clearinghouse: Eliminate claims from all coding errors to ensure accurate claims submission. All user fees, deductibles, and additional insurance can be automatically verified before patient visits, and on-site insurance verifications are also effective.

Patient Portal: Patients can view lab results, pay their bills, message their physicians, and request appointments online through the Patient Portal. Providers can use the portal to exchange messages with a patient, manage prescription refill requests, and send alerts and notifications.


Electronic Prescribing: Easily and quickly prescribe medications, including controlled substances, electronically. It links the facility with a variety of pharmacies in the United States, while users can request refills and access the patient’s medication history from anywhere. It uses a combination of personal passwords and strong tokens to complete the two-factor authentication required by the DEA. The AdvancedEPCS system maintains a complete audit history of the AED.

Telemedicine: Telemedicine features facilitate personal conference calls and the secure transmission of high-resolution still images or video conference screenshots and save them to HIPAA-compliant patient records. Schedule telemedicine appointments and view them on a dashboard calendar.

Smart Dashboard: This role-based dashboard lets you prioritize and manage common tasks automatically. In addition to health tests, you will receive notifications of urgent problems such as B. Abnormal lab results or pending prescriptions, and you can pause or suspend tasks.

Configurable Templates: can be customized for a wide variety of areas, with clinician-designed note and sub-note templates to streamline workflow while respecting the pre-existing style of the institution.

Physician Dashboard: Allows physicians to view and schedule appointments, patient and staff messages, letters of recommendation, test results, and to-do lists, all in one place. Physicians and their staff can respond to patient inquiries or prescription extensions, answer questions, or submit clinical reports. The interdepartmental message center also allows physicians to send messages to staff.

Patient Communication Tools: Choose which patients should receive text messages or emails by selecting them from existing criteria or creating a new set. Segment patient lists and send targeted messages to improve inpatient engagement. It also supports sending sales promotions to patients.

Mobile Patient Kiosk App Fill out intake and consent forms on an iPad. The information is collected automatically and sent to the appropriate staff to allow patients to have a faster registration process.

Health Watcher: HealthWatcher provides automatic alerts and personalized health plans so patients can follow treatment plans.

Hope!! the below information regarding the AdvancedMD features is useful.