AdvancedMD is a unified suite of software solutions designed for mental health, physical therapy, and healthcare organizations, and independent medical practices. Features include desktop management, electronic medical records, medical billing, patient engagement tools, telemedicine functionality, patient records, reputation management, financial analysis, and reporting. Business intelligence works together to automate patient workflows.


Integrated workflows automate the patient journey and enhance the patient experience, starting with self-scheduling on-site appointments or telemedicine. Reminders can be sent via SMS or email to notify patient appointments. The insurance authorization check runs automatically the next day using automated features and alerts employees to potential issues. Admission and consent forms are transmitted through a patient portal and automatically saved from the patient record.

With a medical dashboard, records and prescriptions can be created from one central point. Settlement occurs during the charting process without the accountant having to copy or paste.

The AdvancedMD cloud platform provides remote access and the highest level of data security available. AdvancedMD is a standalone browser for Mac and Windows operating systems and is available for all mobile devices through an application for iOS and Android.

Implementation and Training

In previous tests, AdvancedMD offered a tiered deployment package starting at $ 1,995 for the simplest option. Since the company eliminated low-cost diapers, it has offered a complete implementation and training package that costs around $ 5,000 depending on specific circumstances, a sales representative told Business News Daily. This deployment package includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Accreditation of suppliers to payers
  • Managed data migration
  • 20 hours of individual training
  • Online training
  • Custom system settings (custom workflows, templates, macros, etc.)
  • Tips after the introduction

The implementation process typically takes 8-11 weeks from the date of receipt of the company’s insurance certificates. After the implementation and training phase, practices retain access to self-directed training material for future reference.

The initial cost of implementing AdvancedMD is significant, especially compared to some of the other systems in our review that included the implementation in the subscription price. However, this is a relatively comprehensive training and implementation package that meets all the important criteria.