AdvancedMD is a Medicine-based software bundled with some of the best medical practice solutions for all general practitioners. The portal aims to make life easier for little doctors.


AdvancedMD Login is a retail store that sells clothing, furniture, and household items. It is a chain of stores. The company operates more than several stores, including more than ten furniture showcases, in various Northeast and Midwest states.

AdvancedMD is unique electronic health record (EMR) software. The online portal is flexible and scalable and offers many low-cost packages.

AdvancedMD Pricing

There are several pricing options available with AdvancedMD. The industry standard by vendor, monthly model available. There is also a pro-appointment model for medical practices with less patient traffic.

Practice management software can be purchased as a standalone solution or integrated with the AdvancedMD EMR system. The cost varies depending on the option chosen. Advanced® Internship Management Software starts at $ 429 per provider per month for the standalone version. For the EMR and Integrated Practice Management System, the plan starts at $ 729 per provider per month.

In addition, the session pricing schedule is based on two options: standalone practice management software or integrated practice management and the EMR system. For the standalone solution, AdvancedMD charges $ 1.42 per encounter, while the onboard system costs $ 2.18 per encounter. This model is beneficial for a new or small clinic that does not have many patients. It costs less than the model per provider per month, but still offers a powerful health computing package for practice.


AdvancedMD offers revenue cycle management services for medical practices that wish to outsource their medical billing. AdvancedMD’s billing agents work directly in the billing module of the scenario management software. AdvancedMD billers appear in the system like any other user and provide complete transparency in the financial activities of your company. Medical billing costs a percentage of your practice’s net fees, typically between 4% and 6% of your monthly usage. However, the price depends on the size and value of the claims, so these numbers may vary. Customers of the Advanced┬« Revenue Cycle Management Service have access to the integrated practice management software and EMR system at no additional cost.

AdvancedMD offers several additional features that cost more each month. These add-ons include:

  • AdvancedMD Patient Pro (patient portal, appointment reminders, etc.): $ 150 per provider
  • Benchmarking and advanced information: $ 79 per provider
  • Telemedicine: $ 30 per provider plus $ 5 per meeting or $ 150 per provider unlimited
  • Integrated Fax: $ 29 per provider for 2,000 pages per month
  • Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS): $ 25 per provider
  • Reputation management: $ 49 per provider

Some of these features are standard in other EMR systems or office management software that we have reviewed. So be sure to include them in your comparison in your market research.