AdvancedMD is based in South Jordan, Utah, and is known for its medical technology solutions. It is a cloud medical software that provides practice solutions to all resident physicians.


It has practical management solutions, electronically created medical records, telemedicine, and well-coordinated patient relations. Many medical establishments use billing software. It acts as a third-party company or as an intermediary processing company.

It is equipped with the latest technology to maintain patient records and reach customers quickly. The software provides custom visual charts to help clinicians and staff learn about different patient practices and treatments.

Doctors can choose the package that they are comfortable with based on their needs. There are two self-managed deployment packages and individual training offerings. The company is flexible as it handles all client integrations that establish strong relationships.


AdvancedMD Appointment Scheduling

This schedule can be customized based on color, date, location, and type of visit. It is flexible and can be accessed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The appointment planner gives doctors an overview of patients, which they can view on a schedule. Flexible, as you can transfer new appointments directly to the software’s appointment scheduling function. You can customize it as follows:

  • Click the Business Hours tab and select Set New Appointment.
  • On a new page, you can select the types of appointments. Not all features can be tailored to your needs.
  • Make an appointment and send your patients an accommodation contract as soon as you have finished. The software has ready-to-use forms as well as the usual exercise forms.
  • The patient automatically receives an appointment notification through the patient portal.

The organizer functions are packed with benefits, as doctors can quickly register patients. You can schedule patients for different practices and also inform the doctor about the patient’s data.