AdvancedMD is a cloud-based mobile service package that was developed primarily for doctor’s offices and other healthcare organizations and offers enough variability to cover most business processes without a hassle.


Many healthcare facilities use it to manage appointments, view patient information, automate billing and manage finances, as well as record patient health and administer telemedicine.

It can be individually tailored to the respective practice, offers providers an easy-to-use interface, and guarantees success. Organizations that use it can increase their traffic and overall revenue without compromising the quality of care by quickly contacting patients and scheduling tasks. It also complies with a wide variety of regulations.

AdvancedMD Advantages

Below are the AdvancedMD login portal advantages.

Synchronize Workflow: With embeddable features and configurable templates, you can streamline workflows by connecting an entire facility to multiple departments and other pharmacies and labs. Patient information is updated in the system in real-time to provide the physician with all the information necessary to properly treat a patient.

Maximize Revenue: By simplifying a facility’s workflow, users can treat more patients each day without compromising quality, leading to higher revenue.

Manage Reputation: Manage online surveys and patient reviews for reputable physicians and practices. Reviews are easy to complete an online search engines can easily see how many reviews users have and how one practice compares to other practices.


Scalability: With many optional features and tools, it can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of healthcare specialties of any size based on the unique needs of each business.

Mobility: iPhone and iPad apps allow clinicians to communicate with patients and provide care anytime, anywhere.

Patient Engagement: Patients can become much more involved in their overall healthcare process by using the Patient Portal, communicating with their physicians online, requesting drug refills, viewing lab results, and more.

Flexible Treatment Options: Telemedicine, patient information, and patient portals provide physicians with better treatment options for their patients, regardless of patient location and availability.

Industrial Expertise

AdvancedMD software solutions are used by a wide variety of medical organizations, including group practices, psychiatry, physical therapy, laboratories, and even billing service providers.